About counselling

Counselling is a talking therapy whereby a person is encouraged to talk about their problems to a qualified and experienced counsellor.

A counsellor listens – they do not offer solutions but instead they listen with empathy to your issues and suggests new ways of thinking and reconciling problems that are causing a person pain.

A counsellor operates, as I do, within a safe, reassuring and non-threatening environment in which a person will feel comfortable returning to regularly and allow you to explore your feelings and emotions.

All of the answers are within the person receiving counselling – the process of counselling simply helps a person discover these and assists with the gaining the insight and understanding that can help a person come to terms with what troubles them.

Counselling is not always easy. A person may well be facing fears and issues long buried, and bringing these to the surface for the first time can initially be difficult. A qualified and experienced counsellor knows this and through their understanding and empathy will help a person work through these feelings.

Through this understanding a person is encouraged to identify, recognise and if necessary take responsibility for thoughts and emptions. Counselling can also help you find alternative strategies for coping with issues.

Counselling sessions should be open and trustworthy - and a person should feel safe enough to share their feelings with a counsellor.

Through counselling sessions positive outcomes to your problems and troubling thoughts can be reached.

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